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Age does matter

At home, you decide which lighting makes you feel comfortable. At work, it's a different story.

Age does matter

International standards define the quality of lighting solutions, in order to ensure minimum levels of comfort and functionality. There’s just one problem. The standards have been developed to meet the needs of persons in their 40’s. This means office lighting throughout the world has been designed to accommodate middle-aged people in their earlier years. No consideration was given to the fact that during the course of our lives, our eyesight changes. Actually, the lighting level needs of a forty-year-old are double those of a twenty-year-old and those of a sixty-year-old are six times those of a twenty-year-old. So, if you’re not in your 40’s, the lighting in your office won’t suit you very well, although it is compliant with applicable regulations. If you’re older you need more, and if you’re younger, you’ll require less. 

When planning workspaces, employers, and facility management need to take into account the age, the activities and the visual needs of the people that work in them. They should equip the lighting system with suitable lighting controls to make it easier for users to manage lighting to meet their individual needs.