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Making Indoor Environments Healthier and More Productive

Knowing that most of us spend, according to research, between 80 to 90 percent of our time indoors, it doesn’t take much thought to conclude indoor environments have an enormous impact on our mental and physical wellbeing, and on our productivity. It’s quite reasonable to assume that most people would agree that the spaces we spend so much time in must be healthy and comfortable. So what can you do?

Filling the need for more guidance

While it’s true that some standards and regulations exist to guide property owners, specifiers, builders and employers, it is also true that such measures often fall short, not providing the extensive basis necessary to give us the healthy, productive indoor spaces we seek. That’s exactly where we come in.

We’ve carefully composed this Web site to provide comprehensive information vital to understanding how you can create truly healthy indoor environments. Its purpose is to clear up mysteries and misunderstandings, while putting many things in perspective relative to healthy, productive indoor environments. As a result, you can develop a solid understanding and knowledge base upon which you may act. The benefits are huge, including reduced illness, sick leave, fatigue, and discomfort, as well as far greater comfort, performance and overall wellbeing.

Where you spend your time is where you impact your health. Healthy environments make you feel healthy and vigorous. Always!

Where you spend your time is where you impact your health. Healthy environments make you feel healthy and vigorous. Always!

Healthy Immune System

Your life depends on your immune system. If compromised, it can upend everything. Learn what you need to do to protect your health’s defense.

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Productivity is like everything, the more energy you have, the better the outcome of your efforts.

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Something for everybody

Sources of the information available here include experts, scientists and tradespeople dedicated to sustainable, healthy indoor living and working conditions. Their contributions include research, reports and other literature, as well as webinars, news, etc. We strive to keep the content balanced, so you will find depth, but simplicity, too. And there’s something for everybody, whether professional or consumer.

The project itself is a joint effort featuring contributors from across many different industries, including HVAC, indoor climate control, lighting, humidification, filtration and more. Participants all share a common focus, which is the good of humanity and the earth. And nothing satisfies us more than knowing we’re helping to create a healthy, sustainable future. Join us. Together, we can positively increase the wholesomeness of the indoor spaces we frequent.


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